Alpha Luxe Group - Luxury Real Estate Agency in Croatia

Alpha Luxe Group: Luxury real estate in Istria, Croatia

Istria-based Alpha Luxe Group is pioneering luxury real estate in Croatia

With "Luxury in all things" as its slogan, Alpha Luxe Group not only talks the talk but walks the walk - right down the well-landscaped pathway of any one of the luxury properties on its impressive repertoire.

Founded in early 2019 and based in Istria, Alpha Luxe Group is a real estate agency offering high-quality services to sellers and buyers.

The agency is helmed by the dynamite brother-sister duo Robert Budimir and Marijana Budimir.

This first-rate brokerage company offers an A-Z range of real estate services; its team comprises agents, attorneys, architects, marketers, and other experts.

Whether you're a foreign or Croatian citizen, expect an approach tailor-made to your needs.

How does Alpha cater to foreign citizens?

If you're not a citizen but have or wish to obtain property in Croatia, Alpha is here to ensure you make the most of your time while avoiding unnecessary costs. Services personalized for foreign citizens include:

  • Consultation on your action plan, with an analysis of your needs and budget
  • Showing your property to potential buyers
  • Providing certified court interpreter translation services
  • Providing expert lawyer-led management and preparation of all documentation - including legal registration of property rights with the Croatian Ministry of Justice
  • Establishing a company in Croatia if needed
  • Property maintenance

If you're seeking to sell... Alpha Luxe Group helps clients sell everything from houses, apartments, hotels, and office space to land and investment properties. Here's an insight into the top-notch - or rather, alpha - services that await.

So you have a property you'd like to put on the market. You schedule a meeting on your terms (whether it's a video call, phone call, email exchange, or in-person meeting...) with the equal parts passionate, polite, and professional Alpha team.

If you opt for a meeting at the Alpha office in Poreč, you'll carry out your business comfortably.

Take in a taste of the office's chic-and-soothing decor and atmosphere:

During the pre-sale phase, the Alpha team will take care of the following:

  • Consulting you on pre-sale property preparation
  • Providing lawyer-led management and practice of all documentation
  • Facilitating expert property valuation

Marketing services, from professional property cleaning to professional videography and photography, are also provided.

Alpha will use the best equipment to showcase your property in the best light. Exclusive clients will additionally receive the free service of virtual walk-throughs and drone shots. The goal is to create a fantastic brand out of the property itself – and, in doing so, skyrocket its marketing effectiveness.

With the team's support, you'll decide when your property is ready to hit the market; it'll be in tip-top shape if Alpha has anything to do with it. From here, Alpha will actively work to sell your property as soon as possible for the best price possible.

Alpha's marketing is nothing less than exceptional; you can expect your property to be advertised across every possible portal, a constantly optimized webpage, social media advertising, and, of course, mouth-to-mouth marketing daily.

Expert agent-led showings are also provided. Depending on your wishes, Alpha's advertising approach can target buyers within and outside Croatia.

On request, Alpha provides sellers with the following bonus services:

  • Regulating legal property status
  • Analyzing land use
  • Managing due diligence and assessment of companies in case of mergers and acquisitions
  • Organizing professional property maintenance (including cleaning and minor repairs)
  • Preparing surveying services
  • Overseeing the property's energy certification
  • Taking care of architectural and construction services

If you're bent on buying... Alpha Luxe Group will do everything possible to make buying all the more enjoyable for you and all the less stressful - whether you're moving within Croatia, moving to a stunning country, or buying for another reason. The goal is to find the perfect-match property for your lifestyle, budget, and desires.

To achieve it, Alpha provides the following services:

  • Consulting assistance to meet your needs and budget
  • Real estate showings and selection
  • Providing lawyer-led management and preparation of all documentation
  • Negotiating the best possible price for you

Suppose Alpha has a different property for you in its portfolio. In that case, its expert agents will find it in the shortest period possible, review its documentation, and organize a showing in person or online - whatever suits you best.

On request, Alpha provides buyers with the following bonus services:

  • Regulating legal property status
  • Analyzing land use
  • Managing due diligence and assessment of companies in case of mergers and acquisitions
  • Organizing professional property maintenance (including cleaning and minor repairs)
  • Preparing surveying services
  • Overseeing the property's energy certification
  • Taking care of architectural and construction services

Finding your dream home, relocating to an Adriatic paradise, living the Mediterranean mindset... Whatever your vision may be, Alpha will make it a reality.

Alpha's world-class services continue beyond real estate.

Alpha is here to help you live happily, comfortably, and safely in every way, so their services don't stop at real estate.

Payment options

Alpha takes a variety of payment options - including cryptocurrencies.

This is the first agency in all of Croatia to introduce cryptocurrency payments.

Working in collaboration with crypto-expert company Electrocoin, Alpha continues to prove itself as the ultimate trendsetter in tourism, real estate, and marketing.


Within the enormous scope of Alpha's offerings is the insurance of all types. You can choose whichever levels of protection best suit you and feel secure knowing policies are custom-tailored to your needs.

Alpha works only with the leading insurance agencies to offer you, at the best price points, the following:

  • Liability insurance
  • Property insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Theft and robbery insurance
  • Agricultural insurance
  • Insurance in case of sudden and unexpected events in your apartment that may require the urgent organization of professional assistance (that is, emergency interventions)
  • Life insurance
  • Savings insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Boat and yacht insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Insurance packages

Architectural services

Alpha's certified architects will create the perfect design solution for your property.

Company architects, including a Certified Passive House Designer, specializing in meeting the utmost standards of energy efficiency and modern, functional, and sustainable construction overall.

You'll be able to choose from a vast architectural offer, which includes:

  • Architectural consulting
  • Spatial planning
  • Conceptual and schematic designing
  • Interior Designing
  • 3D visualizations and walkthroughs
  • Sun studies

Alpha Luxe Group is also a pioneer of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Croatia. This approach involves collaborations between all construction participants on a single virtual model.

Each architectural project Alpha works on receives a fully individualized approach.

Investment project management

Do you have a great vision or idea but need help figuring out where to start? Alpha is here to make all your dreams come true.

The team will create a personalized project plan according to your vision, needs, and scope - and fully implement it.

Alpha's end-to-end project management services include:

  • Creating the perfect match by finding the right property while taking care of any legal aspects, too
  • Negotiating on your behalf and consulting you to onboard the best designers and construction companies at the best price
  • Presenting you with an investment study, which includes both project cost-effectiveness and an implementation plan
  • Analyzing financing options from a range of sources, including state institutions and EU institutions

Energy performance certification

Alpha will create an energy performance certificate for you. This an important document that contains:

  • General information on the property
  • Exact energy class
  • Information on the energy certificate issuer
  • Information on thermo-technical systems
  • Climate data
  • Information on the energy required
  • Explanations of technical terms
  • All applicable regulations and norms

If you require an energy certification, Alpha will create it as soon as possible and at a competitive price.

Learn more about the energy certification of the property.

A-Z legal services

With a team that includes professional lawyers and accountants, you can live worry-free, knowing your property is in good hands. Alpha has an expert legal department specializing in property, commercial, and corporate law.

Remember that essential legal services come at no additional cost - they're included in the agency commission.

Here they are:

  • Analyzing all property documentation: land registry entry, building permit, building inspection certificate, deed of title, and cadastre extract
  • Offering expert legal advice, including for cases of co-ownership, inheritance, and liens
  • Drafting contracts, including everything from pre-sale purchase agreements and purchase agreements to permission to register the property clause (clausula intabulandi)
  • Managing the proposal for registration of property rights
  • Registering property rights in the land registry and cadastre
  • Overseeing transfers of utility ownership (such as electricity and water)

Additionally, the following legal services are offered by Alpha on request:

  • Obtaining real estate and construction permits
  • Drafting and analyzing acquisition and transfer contracts (including mortgages)
  • Providing legal representation
  • Preparing and analyzing construction contracts
  • Drafting and analyzing real estate leases, land leases, and commercial lease agreements
  • Due diligence of properties and companies
  • Giving legal advice on, drafting, and overseeing all documentation related to status changes of companies and shareholders
  • Forming a company in Croatia for foreign citizens

Geodetic services

Alpha connects clients with the best-rated surveyors in Croatia at the most efficient prices.

Surveying services clients can rely on include:

  • Consulting
  • Recording actual land conditions in the cadastre and land registry
  • Listing real estate in the cadastre and land registry
  • Parceling and consolidating parcels
  • Developing geodetic bases for design and more

Marketing, photography, and video production

Alpha operates the leading marketing agency Istra Plakati, specializing in outdoor and indoor advertising, marketing, creative solutions, visual, audio, and video production, and media space leasing.

Their tailor-designed services include:

  • Developing a complete marketing plan according to the client's requirements and budget - for free!
  • Crafting creative solutions for property advertisements
  • Professional property photography and videography using equipment of the highest quality
  • Graphic design services, prepress
  • Video and audio production
  • Advertising and media leasing

Advertising spaces include:

  • Outdoor areas: billboards, beaches, and more
  • Digital spaces: digital banners, digital elevators, digital booths, and more
  • Indoor areas: public transport, taxis, commercial buildings, educational establishments, health facilities, marinas, and more

Alpha works to provide the fastest turnaround rates possible.

360° virtual walk creation

Wondering what a 360° virtual walk is? It's an innovative real-time technology that uses a rotating, full-circle camera to provide showings to people from the comfort of their own homes.

Virtual walks can be taken across platforms, including computers, smartphones, TVs, tablets, and more.

This groundbreaking technology allows sellers to provide buyers with in-depth property showings worldwide.

It allows buyers to immerse themselves in their potential future homes.

It allows renters to show and see fantastic vacation rentals.

Authorized property appraisals

Alpha provides verified property appraisals to determine the actual present value of a property and evaluate possible future impacts (construction, economic, legal, urban, and so on) on value.

When is an assessment needed?

  • When evaluating real estate to obtain a bank loan
  • When determining market value for property sales and purchases
  • When creating construction and renovation costs

The following properties can receive appraisals:

  • Residential properties such as apartments, houses, villas, and more
  • Commercial properties dealing with tourism, recreation, health, manufacturing, and more
  • Other properties, such as garages, parking lots, gas stations, department stores, and more
  • Land for construction and agriculture

Land use analysis

Land use analyses serve to discover the maximum usability and commercialization of land.

Investors, sellers, and property owners can benefit from land use analysis. Why?

  • To understand a plot of land's market potential
  • To decide whether a plot of land is worth investing in
  • To explore all building possibilities
  • To view ownership sheets, cadastral outlines, and alignment of cadastre and land registry areas

Analyses accompany textual and graphic representations of each area and expert architectural concept designs.

Live out your dreams starting today.

Alpha Luxe Group is verified as a real estate agency by the Croatian Chamber of Economy.

Alpha collaborates with successful, cross-industry partners such as advertising agency Istra Plakati, the tourist board of Poreč, insurance house Allianz, architecture practice Arhitektura AF, insurance agency Euroherc, cryptocurrency agency Electrocoin, and photography and videography agency Istrapano.

A top-notch creditworthiness (bonitet) of AA+ was awarded to Alpha under a year after the company opened.


You might already be - unsurprisingly - interested in collaborating with Alpha. The Alpha team is prepared to provide unmatched service and assistance if you're ready to dive right in or want to ask a few more questions.

One of Croatia's highest-caliber real estate agencies, the outstanding Alpha Luxe Group, waits for you with open arms, ready to deliver.

Start living out your dreams today!