Best Property Agent 2023 Seal of Quality

Alpha Luxe Group: BELLEVUE's best property agent in Istria

Hamburg, January 2023 - Alpha Luxe Group d.o.o. from Poreč (Parenzo) has been awarded the prestigious BELLEVUE BEST PROPERTY AGENT 2023 seal of quality by BELLEVUE - Europe's largest real estate magazine.

Since 2006, the magazine has recognized recommended real estate companies worldwide that meet strict evaluation criteria such as seriousness, experience, specialist knowledge, objective advice, market knowledge, attractive range of offers, comprehensive services, and reliability.

The seal of quality is the only independent award in the real estate service provider industry and is highly respected nationally and internationally.

A six-person jury of well-known professionals from the real estate industry and BELLEVUE editors reassess which companies meet the evaluation criteria yearly and receive an award.

Alpha Luxe Group d.o.o. is proud to be among the best real estate companies to receive this year's coveted seal.

Robert Budimir, Alpha Luxe Group d.o.o.:

“We are honored to receive the BELLEVUE BEST PROPERTY AGENT 2023 seal of quality. This award is a testament to our consistently successful work, expertise, and exceptional customer service.”

For more information or to contact Alpha Luxe Group d.o.o., visit their website at or call +385 52 204 933



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