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Alpha Luxe: Leading luxury real estate in Istria, Croatia

Specialists in luxury Croatian real estate in both residential and commercial capacities for domestic and international private buyers and real estate investors, Alpha Luxe Group offers end-to-end services that bring together all the working parts of the real estate market to create one comprehensive solution for clients.

"We have combined all related activities in the real estate market to offer a one-stop real estate solution,” says Robert Budimir, CEO of Alpha Luxe. “Our system saves buyers valuable time by streamlining the investment process and allowing their real estate dreams to become a reality."

Established in 2019, Alpha Luxe strives to create lasting value by connecting with its clients and representing them throughout the investment process. It gives them access to legal and financial advice, decision-making, marketing, and administrative support through a single, friendly point of contact. Benefiting from tailored services that are attuned to their unique needs, clients can see their real estate dreams come to fruition efficiently, thanks to a team of licensed agents, lawyers, designers, marketing experts, surveyors, and builders whom all work in cohesion to ensure regular, efficient, accurate and profitable transactions.

Alpha Luxe is, therefore, able to offer an unrivaled portfolio of services to its clients within Croatia and beyond, spanning from Buying and Selling Property with a renowned guarantee of integrity and transparency; Legal Services that encompass Property, Commercial and Corporate Law; Crypto Payments, which Alpha Luxe is leading the Croatian market in as the first agency to enter the global crypto community; Expert Valuations of an extensive range of properties; and Marketing Services, which Alpha Luxe delivers through Istra Plakati, its specialist marketing agency.

As a result, Alcan can deliver on its guarantee to act as a strategic partner in its customers’ projects and witness first-hand their satisfaction as they and the Alpha Luxe team achieve their targets. In doing so, Alpha Luxe can drive its ambitions forwards, enabling Robert and his team to estimate that in five years, they will be able to achieve the company’s principal goals of international growth and global brand awareness.

“Our vision is to be a central hub for real estate brokerage, consulting, and investment project management,” Robert reveals. “We also want to achieve international brand recognition by contributing to the community where we live and operate with our professional and high-quality work.”

It is a goal that is already within reach for Alpha Luxe. Although predominantly serving European customers, the group is also expanding into new markets at a special rate, having entered the UAE, Hong Kong, and Dubai, an impressive feat for a company that has just entered its second year of operations. However, like so many businesses, international business activity has been impacted by the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, which made signing contracts and carrying out property visits across closed borders almost impossible. However, Alpha Luxe continued to use this time to develop its brands, focusing mainly on the work of its marketing agency which specializes in outdoor and digital outdoor advertising, ready to launch the new websites for these services in June 2021. As a result, as the business has resumed, Alpha Luxe can look ahead with confidence, ready for the predicted boom that is set to hit the hospitality and travel industries.

Consequently, Robert is relying on his team now more than ever. “We like to invest in our business, and our team makes our business possible,” he states. As the company's foundation, the team is valued for its enthusiasm and visions of success brought to life through continuously seizing new opportunities. As such, Alpha Luxe can utilize its team's goal-oriented approach to strive for success for itself and its customers, putting those ambitions at the center of its plans for progression.

Thus, as Alpha Luxe looks to emerge from the global pandemic stronger than ever, the company aims to establish and stabilize itself on an international platform, entering new markets wherever possible to achieve international growth and global brand awareness.


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